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Spend time with the big birds at Maasai Ostrich farm

Just half an hour’s drive from the city centre and 10 minutes from the Kitengela-Namanga highway is the Maasai Ostrich farm.

To get there, you can board matatu number 110 to Kitengela at Railway Station and then connect using a cab. It will cost you Sh500 from Kitengela Town.

Sitting on almost 200 acres, the farm has dozens of ostriches that will leave you and your family amazed.

The road from the highway is rough, but you get a lovely panoramic view of the Kitengela Conservation Area, with a wide swathe of plains playing out.

Boasting two types of ostriches, Maasai and Somali, you will not only get to tour the farm but you can also let the children ride them too. It is fun, especially for the courageous ones. It also gives a lovely picture opportunity.

The tour of the farm takes almost half an hour depending on how inquisitive you or the children are, and what picture opportunities you will get out of your tour. It is very interesting seeing the animals in different stages of growth and sizes.

The two types of ostriches are differentiated by the colour of their legs and necks; the Maasai ostrich is red thighs while its Somali counterpart is blue. It will cost you Sh500 to ride the Somali ostrich and entry into the farm is Sh300.

Another interesting bit about this farm is that it is one of the few establishments that are allowed to sell ostrich meat (which is a restricted game meat) within its establishment. They also supply it outside the ranch and sell the meat, feathers and skin.


The ostriches are trained to be ridden and over the weekends, especially on Sundays, there are ostrich races, another must watch activity. There are specially trained jockeys who race these animals.

On a good day, you will be able to spot a few animals like zebras, giraffes, antelopes and even buffaloes at the Kitengela Conservation Area.

The farm also offers accommodation but it is its carefully manicured grounds that stand out. There is a swimming pool and beyond it is a hedge where the ostrich enclosures are.

The farm also serves an ostrich dish but it is pretty expensive. You will part with not less than Sh1,000 for a steak. The menus are interesting and you are certain to find an ostrich dish that suits your taste.