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Spend Valentine’s with those who care about you, love doctor advises

February 14th, 2016 2 min read

If the bustle in the lingerie shops and the flower shops in the city are anything to go by, Nairobians are set to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

This day clearly means something to most Nairobians. Sexologist and love guru Maurice Matheka agrees that there is a pool of Nairobians who are going to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

“These are the people who will spend Valentine’s Day with people they love and people that actually care about them,” he says.

Sometimes, the people we love and the people who actually care about us are not the same people. This calls for introspection this Valentine’s Day.

His advice to make sure you have that perfect Valentine’s Day? Spend the day with someone you would enjoy spending the weekend with even if there wasn’t any holiday.


Gifting is one way of showing love and affection. This means that Valentine’s Day will come with a lot of pressure and expectations amongst couples. Happy couples, according to Maurice, are those who are themselves. Not those who are pressured to be people who they are not.

“If you have been a bad partner causing nothing but heartache to your woman but on Valentine’s Day you go all out and fly her out to Zanzibar, she is not going to enjoy the day. The two of you are probably not going to be intimate out there,” he says.

So what does being real on Valentine’s Day look like?

“If you are that man who cooks lunch for his woman on the weekends, go all out on Valentine’s Day and make her breakfast in bed as well. Later in the evening, take her out, dine her. The romance shouldn’t be just in the table setting, it should be in the air. Flirt with her, make her laugh,” he advises.

Such an act of love, he says, is sustainable.