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Sport what? Hull City fans angered by new club sponsor

A section of Hull City fans were this week left seething in anger after the football club announced that SportPesa had become its new sponsor.

Hull City fans were stunned that a company they hardly knew would now have its logo splashed on their team’s jerseys for the next three football seasons ending 2019.

The announcement came at a time when Hull’s owner, Assem Allam (a British businessman of Egyptian descent), is facing sustained rebellion from the club’s supporters over alleged mismanagement.

“I am sorry but I won’t be buying it (the jersey). I won’t be going to any games either. I won’t be putting a single penny into Hull City until the Allams have gone,” Phil Meade a supporter posted on Facebook.

“It is such a shame that the club I have supported for 20 odd years has gone this way. We are the laughing stock of the whole world. Allams out now.”


Other fans were displeased that their club had placed its fate in the hands of betting companies as its sponsors.

In 2014, the football club signed a two-year partnership with Asia-based bookmakers 12Bet whose conclusion opened the door for SportPesa.

Some supporters were, however, not bothered by the origins of the new sponsors but demanded that Mr Allam leaves the company.

“I like the sponsor but the name’s a bit long. Maybe just print Pesa. Sport seems a bit redundant for a gambling company,” a fan by the name Rob Ballantyne tweeted.

The reason behind the vitriol towards the 77-year-old is a botched name change he attempted a few years ago to rebrand the club as Hull Tigers.

Source: Business Daily