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Six things SportPesa winner can do with Sh221m jackpot cash

When Samuel Abisai was announced as the winner of the Sh221million SportPesa Jackpot, many recommended projects he could undertake with his massive windfall.

Abisai, 28, said he will give an appreciatory amount to family and friends who supported him and helped bet. He also plans to go on a vacation as he reflects on viable investments.

Nairobi News has crunched the numbers to provide options to the Kakamega native who was picked from his rented apartment in Roysambu estate, Nairobi on Tuesday morning in a top of the range luxurious vehicle before being unveiled to the public.

1. Abisai can easily buy a 30 units apartment block in a secure neighbourhood at a cost of 7.3million per unit.

2. He can buy 3.7 million Kenyans a packet of milk at the current market price of Sh60.

3. He can buy 1.5 millions Kenyans a packet of Unga at the current market price of Sh 150.

4. He can run the state diary processor New KCC which was allocated Sh250 million in the 2017/18 budget.

5. He can run the Asset Recovery Agency for a year as their current annual allocation from National Treasury stands at Sh210 million.

6. He can single-handedly revive the pyrethrum sector in the country with the allocated Sh100 million according to the 2017/18 budget and still have Sh121 million to himself.