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Sports CS Amina Mohamed accuses Nick Mwendwa of illegal access to FKF offices

By Wangu Kanuri September 20th, 2022 2 min read

Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed accused Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa of illegally gaining access to the football body’s headquarters in Nairobi.

This is after the youthful football boss on Tuesday appeared to reclaim the football secretariat that has remained under lock and key for the past year.

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Ms Amina, who locked the offices after disbanding the federation in November 2021, insists her actions at the time were legit and have since been validated by the courts.

She is now accusing Mwendwa of contempt of court.

“My attention has been drawn to a break-in at the FKF offices at Kasarani. The information is that the break-in was led by indicted FKF officials, who were legally removed following an inspection by the Office of the Sports Registrar,” said Amina in a statement.

“The decision by the Ministry of Sports, Culture & Heritage on November 11, 2021, has since been upheld by the Ruling of the High Court of Kenya on May 10, 2022.”

Ms Amina adds she was forced to disband FKF after a string of illegalities, including misappropriation of funds, non-submission of audit reports to the Sports Registrar, non-adherence to the Sports Act and other relevant laws, and refusal to amend the FKF constitution in line with the constitution of Kenya 2010, the Sports Act, Sports Registrar regulations.

She’s further accused Mwendwa’s office of unprocedural hiring and sacking of coaches, the illegal elevation of sub-county football organizations into county sports, and refusal to release the 47 application forms picked from the Sports Registrar on behalf of the 47 counties.

Earlier, after accessing the office in a move that was supervised by uniformed police officers, Mwendwa who was charged with economic crimes, accused the Amina of abuse of office.

“We’ve wasted a year (since the Fifa ban). As a result, our national teams were not able to play,” said Mwendwa.

“This is because of a few people who decided they can do what they want because they have power.”

Mwendwa also appeared to praise President William Ruto who was sworn into office last week, for stepping in to salvage the situation.

He also shared optimism that the Fifa ban will be lifted ‘in a matter of days’.

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