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Sports ministry deletes garbled tweet after backlash

By EDDY KAGERA October 23rd, 2017 1 min read

The Ministry of Sports was on Monday forced to delete a tweet after facing a backlash from Kenyans on Twitter who felt it did not make any sense.

The ministry’s social media handler wrote: “IMPRESSIVE SPURS SHOCK with the absence of Harambee Stars superb midfielder Victor Wanyama, Spurs shook most people after thrashing ‘Big Fish’ Liverpool 4-1 yesterday 22/10/17 at Wembley Stadium. It was humiliating experience for ‘The Reds’.”

Within minutes, Kenyans had latched onto it asking what it meant.

The tweet was taken down moments later.


What the ministry meant to say was that Tottenham Spurs beat Liverpool 4-1 at the Wembley Stadium despite playing without Kenyan midfielder Victor Wanyama.

Wanyama is out with an injured knee.

The ministry is one of the few Twitter users around the world who have been allowed to use 280 characters in the social media giant’s pilot programme.

Depending on the feedback from users, Twitter intends to double the maximum number of characters from 140 to 280.

Fahad Adil Baptisté wondered: “Is this a parody account or the person tweeting is always drunk?”
Brian Mbunde said: “WTF is this?”