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St George’s closed after students riot

Dennis Pritt Road.

St George’s Girl Secondary School was on Saturday closed after students, who were protesting over the death of their colleague, became rowdy.

The form three student, Yvonne Narocho, drowned last week at the school’s swimming pool.

Parents, who spoke to the NairobiNews, said they were called to pick their children following fears that the commotion could degenerate.

Form four students will return on Tuesday, accompanied by their parents while form three students will report back on Wednesday.

Form Two and One will return to school on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

“I was just informed this afternoon that I should come for my daughter. It is sad that a student died at the swimming pool in broad daylight when a lifeguard was expected to be around to ensure the safety of students,” said one of the parents.

Some expressed fears that their children might not be safe at the school and appealed to the government to ensure boarding schools complied with safety regulations.

Staff at the school remained mum about the incident with those who accepted to talk about it providing scanty details.