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Staki kisirani! Pastor Ng’ang’a blasts TikTokers, shows off luxurious church bus

By Beth Nyambura February 1st, 2023 2 min read

Neno Evangelism, a thriving Christian ministry founded by James Ng’ang’a, has made a significant addition to their transportation fleet.

In a recent video posted on their official social media channels, the founder unveiled the brand-new bus, which promises to offer a comfortable and luxurious experience to church members.

The bus is designed to cater to the needs of travelers, with its plush blue seats that can be easily converted into a bed.

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Ng’ang’a took to TikTok to demonstrate the functionality of the seats, showing how they can be adjusted to a slanting position, providing an excellent sleeping experience during long journeys.

The bus also boasts a flat-screen TV, providing entertainment during the trip, and a toilet, ensuring the comfort of all passengers.

The flamboyant man of God said that the purchase of this new bus is a testament to the prosperity of Neno Evangelism, and the dedication of its founder to provide the best possible experience for his followers.

To him, the bus is surely a source of pride for the church and its members, and a symbol of their commitment to excellence in all aspects of their ministry.

“That is our bus and I do not want to repeat it. Watu wa TikTok msinieletee kisirani,” Pastor Ng’ang’a said.

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His fans had a mixed reaction about the bus, with some asking where the waste product will be disposed of after one uses the toilet.

A fan identified as janoo4124 asked, “Sasa hiyo choo ukienda na hawa drivers wetu wa Kenya huwa wanafly si ukikalia hapo ukifika highway utafly hewani😂😂😂😂.”

Another one called charlo1992kariski, said Ng’ang’a had done a lot for his church.

Janet Aleso said Ng’ang’a would easily install CCTV anywhere in that bus, including the toilet.

Beth Njeri added, “Wooow! This is a great job, Pastor Ng’ang’a. At least your followers can attest to what you have done with their offerings.”

Benon Gakunda noted, “Pastor has started step one to decongest the city. Watu waache magari kwa nyumba waabiri basi kuu.”

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Watch the bus tour video below.


FYI BASI IME FIKA ……WATU WA TIKTOK MSI LETE NGANGA KISIRANI😂😂😂😂 #erycoyugi #pastornganga #pastorngangatitkokkenya #pastorngangachronicles

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A few weeks ago, Pastor Ng’ang’a gifted one of his longtime female friends with a car.

During his New Year’s all-night-prayer event, kesha, Ng’ang’a called a lady in front of the podium and spoke highly about how they met.

Pastor Ng’ang’a told his congregation that a lady named Mama Mbugua used to buy fruits from his mkokoteni in the 1990s when he was released from prison.

“This woman here, I met her in the church that I used to worship at after I left prison,” Ng’ang’a narrated.

He said that Mama Mbugua also helped him buy the choir’s uniform when he opened his first church.

For her generosity over those years, Pastor Ng’ang’a told his wife Murugi to go home with her and let her choose one of their cars and go home with it.

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