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Stampede in Kibra as residents scramble for food donation – VIDEO

Several people were injured on Friday afternoon in a stampede during a food distribution exercise in Kibra, Nairobi.

Police were forced to fire tear gas to disperse the crowd which made things worse as desperate residents, who had gathered at the Kibra District Office, tried to force their way in.

Kenya’s coronavirus-related restrictions has made it difficult to go out and make a living and a majority were desperate to try and keep their families fed for another day.

A vast population of informal workers, with little or no savings, are worried about the next meal as no one knows when the measures will end.

Those controlling the crowd were forced to use force as they beat people.

Some people fell and were trampled, with those injured carried to safety and placed on the ground to recover, gasping for breath.

“Both women and children have been injured. It is food we were coming for since we are dying of hunger,” one resident said.

The crowd had heard that opposition leader Raila Odinga had donated the food but it turned out it was from another well-wisher who had given selected families cards to turn in and receive the donations.