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Standard Group confirms arrest of journalist Laban Cliff Onserio in terrorism case

The Standard Group has confirmed the arrest of one of its employees on suspicion of taking part in terrorism activities.

In a statement, the media house says it will abide by the rule of law in the matter.

It comes hours after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Anti-Terrorism Police Unite (ATPU) arraigned Laban Cliff Onserio at Kahawa Court for illegally being in possession of a stun grenade.

“The police have sort to hold Mr Onserio in their custody pending further investigations. The company awaits the outcome of the investigation and will stand by the due process of the law,” the media house’s statement reads in part.

Police say Mr Onserio, a television news anchor, was arrested at the Holy Family Basilica basement 2 in possession of a flash-bang training system on Saturday.

The suspect is under investigation over terrorism-related activities among other offences including being in possession of explosives contrary to Section 6(1) as read with Section 9 of the Explosives Act.

According to the officers, the journalist is suspected to be in possession of more explosive devices, hence, there is need to keep him in custody until the investigations are complete.

“Preliminary investigations reveal the respondent acquired illegally the Flash bang grenade from a British national currently working with Fly 540 Airline namely Don Smith of mobile number…in the year 2021.”

A stun Grenade is described as a less-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient an enemy’s senses.

Upon detonation, the grenade produces a blinding flash of light and an extremely loud bang, and is mostly used in close-quarters combat, door breaching, and riot control purposely to stun enemies.

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