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Stanley Omondi emphasizes the importance of teamwork in creative endeavors

Renowned comedian and content creator Stanley Omondi, popularly known as Stano, shed light on his journey following his departure from the Tales of Crazy Kennar crew.

While currently pursuing solo ventures on-screen, Stano revealed in an interview why he still values the importance of working with a crew.

The comedian, who has been making waves in the comedy and content creation scene, emphasized that despite parting ways with the group a few months back, he still recognizes the immense value of collaboration in the world of entertainment.

During his conversation with a local media house, he articulated the crucial role of a support system behind the camera and within the creative process.

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The comedian stressed that having individuals who challenge and share ideas is paramount for success in the creative industry. He firmly believes that unity is a source of strength, while division weakens the creative process.

Stano eloquently put it, “No man is an island, but for an island to thrive, it must be surrounded by water. Yes, I can unleash some creative ideas when working alone, but unity is power, and division is weakness.”

Stano went on to highlight the importance of collaboration and the exchange of creative ideas, underscoring that working with a team adds significant value to his endeavors.

He mentioned, “You still need to have somebody who challenges you from time to time, someone with whom you can share ideas. Even though I have embarked on solo projects, I ensure that I consult with at least one or two people behind the scenes. I have a trusted team that I collaborate with.”

Regarding his relationship with Crazy Kennar, Stano affirmed that despite not communicating daily, they remain best friends. He explained, “What I believe is that best friends can grow separately without growing apart. It might not be like we talk every day or month, but whenever we do, it feels like we just spoke yesterday.”

In May, Stano had revealed the reasons behind his departure from Crazy Kennar’s group. He disclosed that it was a strategic decision made after a heartfelt conversation with Kennar. The goal was to facilitate the individual brand development of each member, allowing them to explore new creative horizons.

Intriguingly, Stano hinted at an upcoming project that promises to be groundbreaking and unlike anything seen before in Kenyan content creation. He expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support and enthusiasm from his audience and assured them that this exciting venture would be unveiled in the coming months.