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Did new Starehe MP Jaguar take dig at Prezzo in latest single?

Newly sworn in Member of Parliament for Starehe Constituency, Charles Kanyi, better known as Jaguar in music circles, appeared to take a dig at controversial rapper CMB Prezzo when he dropped his latest single Ndoto.

In the song’s audio, the Kigeugeu hit maker praises himself for realizing his dreams, while also appearing to jibe his longtime nemesis in showbiz Prezzo, who is rumored to be broke to an extent that he no longer owns a car.

“Sina beef na hao wanajiita Kings na mfuko imetoboka. Jaguar ndio commander uliza Kamanda. Wanao dhani wame take over wacha kwanza wanunue Range Rover juu nimewaacha na Range noma. Naye refa ashasema game over,” goes part of the lyrics of the new single.


Jaguar to release new song after being sworn as an MP

At the same time, the first-time MP categorically stated that he is not quitting music any time soon while also acknowledging his new responsibilities as a Member of Parliament.

“I am in this for the long haul. I ain’t quitting,” said Jaguar.

The song talks about his life journey till where he is today. Jaguar says that Ndoto aims to be an inspiration to the Kenyan youth who are working hard to achieve their dreams.

Over the past years, Jaguar has been a role model and a major inspiration to the Kenyan youth through his empowerment programs under the Jaguar foundation.

Such positive deeds saw him being appointed as a NACADA director by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2016.

His latest release drew varied sentiments from his followers on social media. Here is what some of them had to say: