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State has let us down, says terror victim

Caroline Wanjiru is deeply disappointed in the Government for failing to protect its own from terrorism.

The 22-year-old woman broke her leg and has neither been able to walk nor make a living since May 28, 2012. On that day an explosion occurred at Assanand’s building on Moi Avenue and she was one of the lucky survivors.

The attack did not only leave her badly mutilated on her left leg, face and neck but also traumatised. She says if there had been satisfactory intelligence, then her friend Josephine alongside others would not have lost their lives in the deadly blast.

“If it was within my power Josephine would not have died, I remember I encouraged her to attend to a client who we did not suspect was a bad person. I have so many regrets,” she said.

Caroline Wanjiru before the blast.Photo/ JEFF ANGOTE (NAIROBI)
Caroline Wanjiru before the blast.Photo/ JEFF ANGOTE (NAIROBI)

She, however, said Government security agents could have prevented such a disaster from happening, “Our security is very poor. It is as if the Government has left its citizens all alone.

“At least they could have had detectives on the different streets in the city as other countries do. Nairobi is a capital city and for something like that to happen in the CBD is unacceptable. The Government is failing us,” said Wanjiru.

She highlighted negligence and corruption as factors ailing the security system.  She has appealed to well-wishers to assist her to raise Sh3.5 million for an urgent operation in India to preserve her left leg.

“I do not want to lose my leg. I am tired of being always assisted by people. I want to work and earn a living like before,” she said. Wanjiru said the Government should have set up a kitty to cater for people who get injured during terror attacks.  She recalled the events of that morning:

“A man was pacing up and down the pavement near my clothes stall. I called on my friend, Josephine, at the opposite stall to assist him because I could see he was restless.”

The tall man, as Wanjiru described him, left the premises after being attended to only to return a few minutes later.  He took a yellow T-shirt from Josephine and pretended he wanted to buy it.

He then feigned lack of money and asked to leave his black bag at the stall so he could go and get more cash.

“I noticed that as he walked away he was operating his mobile phone. No sooner had he walked out of the premises than the blast occurred,” she concluded.