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State says no turning back on cashless fare

The government has reiterated that the migration to cashless payment system in matatus will not stop and will have to be embraced by everyone.

Transport Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau urged all stakeholders to embrace the new system in order to restore efficiency and safety in the public transport system.

“The transformation of the transport sector through formation of saccos and efficient payment systems will make it more attractive to investors and ensure public transport as a preferred mode of transport in the country,” said Eng Kamau.


Speaking on Monday during the launch of KCB’s cashless system the Pepea Card, Eng Kamau stated that molestation of passengers in public vehicles will not be tolerated.

“We have made strides in the transport sector and so for self-regulation, saccos should take responsibility of all what their crews do,” he added.

National Transport Safety Authority Director General Francis Meja, who was also present at the launch, assured users that convenience will be ensured by synchronizing all systems so that one will not be required to have more than one card or gadget.

“Those saying that stakeholders need to be consulted should know that in June this year we had a meeting with all players of the industry where all issues were discussed. let us embrace this system fully without giving excuses,” said Meja.


Matatu Owners Association chairman Simon Kimutai said the system will increase revenue for investors because it will seal many loopholes.

“This is timely for public transport as it will cut out corruption. I believe it’s a win-win situation for the investor, the public and the government as well,” said Kimutai.

On commission concerns that have been raised by the investors, Mr Kimutai said service providers will agree with the matatu owners to ensure no one is disadvantaged.