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Statehouse MC Chipukeezy speaks on return of comedy show – Exclusive

After a three-year hiatus, Statehouse MC Vincent Mwasia alias, Chipukeezy, has found a new home for his comedy show.

Dubbed “The Chipukeezy Show,” it is set to make a triumphant return to KBC Channel One.

Hosted by comedian Chipukeezy, the show promises to bring laughter and entertainment back to Kenyan screens.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Chipukeezy said this time the show is not just about comedy but also about nurturing and empowering young talents in the entertainment industry.

The revamped show will not only feature the comedic prowess of Chipukeezy but will also showcase the talents of Kartelo, Bena Wa Malines, and a lineup of online content creators.

Chipukeezy expressed his desire to make a difference in the lives of young comedians:

“I am a young comedian trying to entertain, and I know how hard I struggled to get a platform to perform at. Even right now, the industry is full of selfish people. We have cartels who have taken over the industry,” Chipukeezy said.

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“They would rather give their girlfriends or friends a chance when they come up. It is a small industry. When you’re young, people will look for you to show you their big companies, wealth, and lifestyles, but when it comes to helping you invest in something you are trying, they can’t,” he lamented.

“Sometimes, they can even have job opportunities but will underpay you for their events. They think you don’t deserve their money. That is how younger people are wasted.”

Chipukeezy’s mission is clear – he wants to create a platform where young talents will be appreciated, supported, and nurtured.

He emphasised that his efforts are not for personal gain but for the benefit of future generations of comedians.

“I am not creating these platforms for people to remember me; I am doing this for my future children who might want to join comedy, and I wouldn’t want them to go through what I went through when I joined comedy. I am taking the initiative to create platforms since we are no longer hired in the industry concerts. They push narratives of how boring we are and how eloquent we are not. The only way to counter that is by creating our platforms,” Chipukeezy passionately stated.

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Despite his global recognition as one of the few African comedians with international acclaim, Chipukeezy said he has remained grounded and focused on uplifting the local entertainment scene.

The show is scheduled to air on September 11, with episodes set to be broadcast every Monday from 8 pm to 9 pm.

Chipukeezy highlighted the decision to collaborate with KBC Channel One, citing their alignment with his vision for the future of Kenyan entertainment:

“Chipukeezy show had taken a break due to Covid-19. Most TV stations still repeat local programs that aired 10 years ago, yet we have talents who can record new shows. I started pitching the show to various media houses to get it back, but we settled for KBC since it was more conducive, given the government’s plans to revamp the station.”

He noted, “I have always wanted to be at the station. It is a journey, but I have settled for KBC because their strategies align with my dreams. They want to start monetizing talents and support and grow talents. That is what I want to do. It is not just for business.”

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