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Kenyan tweep slams self-styled station-hopping political analysts

By HILARY KIMUYU November 1st, 2017 2 min read

A Kenyan has called out the self-proclaimed know-it-all experts who have been patronizing Kenyan TV stations during the electioneering period while clamoring for the viewers’ attention.

In his rant on Twitter, the user by the name @PadreMusa, points out that some of these experts, who are often loud and intimidating, keep repeating what they say from one TV station to another.

The know it all experts according to @PadreMusa, have an opinion about everything and anything under the sun.

But he dismisses their expert opinion to nothing better than your average guy across the street.

The interviews in his view are a total waste of time, a mess, a sham.

He also finds the ‘station-hopping’ by these experts a bit annoying.

And he has some piece of advice for lawyers, who never seem to agree on an issue when they are part of the panel.

The tweep concludes by wondering aloud why the so called security experts are not decorated but instead decorate their CV’s.