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Stella Nyanzi dumped

Stella Nyanzi says she’s parted ways with her lover whom she never introduced in public.

The outspoken Ugandan politician and activist, who is currently in exile in Kenya, made the revelation on her Facebook page, adding that they had also suffered a political fallout.

“I have lost two people very close to me in the last few days,” she said.

Adding: “The first was my lover of a few years. He revealed that he was deeply uncertain about my political credibility and that he was doubtful of my loyalty to the liberation struggle in Uganda.”

The second person according to Nyanzi was a woman ‘I trusted enough to take to my home and introduce to my children’.

“I very rarely take non-family to my home. I was gullible enough to make her a friend and confidant with whom I shared several secrets.”

The news of Nyanzi’s separation from her man is sure to raise eyebrows considering he is one of the reasons the 46-year old fled Uganda, claiming she feared her life was in danger after President Yoweri Museveni’s regime arrested him.

Nyanzi was also recently also forced to publicly defend her relationship with the man whom he claimed is 33, and well above the threshold of having consensual sex.

At the time, she described herself as an ‘eater of young chicks’.

Following the heartbreak, Nyanzi now says she will concentrate her love on dogs.

“I am replacing my love for humans with a newfound love for a dog,” she pointed out.

Nyanzi, who unsuccessfully contested for the Kampala Woman seat in the January 14 general elections, has three children sired with her ex-lover of West African descent.