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Step by step guide on how to use card to pay fare

Here is a step by step guide on how you can obtain a card, top it up and pay your fare in matatus:

Step one

Obtain the card of choice from retailers in bus stages.

There are several cards in the market currently all by different providers ranging from communication companies to banks. The cards are available for free at bus termini.

Step two

Register the card by providing personal details to the retailer.

The sales person will require your national identification card number or passport number,  your official name, and in some cases, telephone number.

Step three

Activate the card by loading some cash via mobile money transfer service using the specific paybill numbers for the different cards.

Some of the providers have agents who will top up your card.

For cards provided by banks, you can top up at the agents of the respective banks.

Step four

Tap the card onto a matatu operator’s gadget to pay fare and receive a receipt.

On the receipt there will be details of when the transaction was done, which client/bus transacted and by which conductor.

Step five

Receive a text on your phone to confirm payment and balance in the card.