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Step-mum arrested for stabbing daughter, 8, in privates with hot knife

By BENSON AYIENDA February 18th, 2019 1 min read

Police in Kisii have arrested a woman accused of stabbing her eight-year-old step-daughter in the private parts using a hot knife for allegedly stealing Sh50 from her.

The incident at Mosocho village in Kisii left the girl fighting for her life at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital.

The suspect, aged 24, is said to have committed the act on Saturday afternoon when she tied the minor on the bed using a rope and started torturing her for allegedly stealing Sh50.

Her father, who is a bodaboda operator in the town but who had separated with her mother two years ago, was away when the incident happened.

Local Chief Wilter Nyaboke said the girl had spent the two days with the wounds as her mother had locked her up in a room.

“Her father asked where she was having not seen her from the previous day,” she said.


On realising what had happened, her father rushed her to KTRH where she was admitted.

Medics at the hospital said he will be admitted there waiting for a surgeon as she sustained serious burns.

According to the doctors, the young girl had been stabbed many times using a hot knife but two stabs on the upper side of the thighs were more serious and required immediate attention.

The suspect was moved to Kisii central police station where she awaits to be taken to court.