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Stephen Letoo: Easy ladies, Men’s Conference won’t ruin your Valentines plans

By Sammy Waweru February 10th, 2023 2 min read

Men’s Conference co-ordinate and aspiring chair, Mr Stephen Letoo, has refuted claims that he intends to Valentine’s Day by planning the event on the same day.

The journalist has been accused by vocal blogger Pauline Njoroge of seeking to hijack a day when all women expect to get special treatment from the men in their lives.

“Stephen Letoo tunakuonea 18. We see how you want to hijack Valentine’s Day and make it a men’s day! It’s our day and we might just storm Carnivore and demand our chocolates and flowers. Mkicheza and fail to observe our day as per our expectations, we might even go on a one month ‘strike’. Be warned!” the blogger wrote.

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However, the journalist has now stated that the Men’s Conference won’t in any way interfere with Valentine’s Day.

“Those ladies saying we are eating on to their Valentine’s time, it is a week day, a working day. We will utilize the afternoon hours, so that in the evening they will have ample time with their hubby or boyfriend enjoying dinner,” Mr Letoo said in a video on his Facebook account.

However, in the 3-minute video, the Citizen TV reporter said the conference will only admit men.

“Daughters of Mary, I mean ladies, who will be escorting their men to attend (the conference) will not be allowed into the session. However, there shall be special treatment for them. After the event, there shall also be a couple’s dinner. Women around will be given flowers and chocolate,” he explained.

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He also said those who will attend the conference at the Carnivore grounds, Nairobi, will be offered sumptuous meals.

His explanation seemed to pacify Ms Njoroge who responded by saying: “Now we are good. You people will finish the event in good time for our dinner dates.”

“Pauline Njoroge, your concerns were keenly put into consideration,” Letoo replied.

The theme of this year’s Men’s Conference is ‘Creating Better Men in Society’.

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