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Stephen Letoo shames singles who don’t have partners as Valentines Day nears

By Sammy Waweru February 3rd, 2023 2 min read

Veteran journalist Stephen Letoo has called on men and women who do not have love partners to ensure they secure one as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Valentine’s Day which is commemorated globally on February 14 every year, is a day for people to express their love to their partners, children, parents, grandparents, friends or any other special person in their lives.

And as the day draws near, the media personality has wondered aloud how single people will celebrate it, with the self-declared Polygamous Chair urging them to pull up their socks.

“Valentines is around na huna mtu, shame on you!,” Letoo wrote on Facebook.

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He now wants the singles to be identified, a proposal seemingly intended to hook them up with ‘potential partners’ before the ‘big’ day.

“Tag all singles kwa comment section,” further reads the post that has since elicited varied reactions, with some of his Facebook followers tagging ‘their single friends’ to try their luck.

One Adika Austine has requested the Royal Media Group reporter to make things clear about which event between Valentine’s Day and the Men’s Conference they should attend.

“Mr President kindly be clear, should we go for Valentine’s Day or go to the Men’s conference,” posed the internet user.

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Last week, Letoo announced the commencement of Men’s Conference preparations. The event, according to the journalist, will be held on Valentine’s Day at the Carnivore Grounds in Nairobi.

He has already designed t-shirts and caps for the occasion, which are red, black and white in colour, asking willing participants to contact him for bookings.

He has also been posting comical photos of men allegedly being ejected from the event’s committee preparation claiming they contravened the set rules.

The journalist has meanwhile been drumming up support for polygamy. In a recent Tiktok video, Letoo castigated a pastor who have been vocal against polygamous marriages.

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