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Stivo Simple Boy lands Odibets deal

Kenyan artist Stephen Otieno, best known as Stivo Simple Boy, has sealed what appears to be a lucrative endorsement deal with Kenya’s leading gaming firm Odibets.

In a deal that has been received by excitement on social media, Stivo Simple Boy plays a leading role in an advert for the betting firm in which he vouches for bettors to cash back on their investment in the event results of matches do not go their way.

Known for among others, his phrase Inauma but itabidii uzoee (it hurts but then you will have to get used to it) this endorsement reflects a growth in the career of the musician who doubles up as a comedian who’s in the past opened up to the challenges he faced as he started his career.

The challenges include cyberbullying as people reportedly compared his face with that of a monkey.

Stivo Simple Boy is a Kenyan rap musician who uses music as a tool to advocate for positive change.

He first gained prominence through his ‘Mihadarati’ hit which was warmly received by many Kenyans, after which he continued to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry far beyond music, as he also embraced comedy.

He joins a list of personalities who’ve landed an endorsement gig with the betting firm in recent times.

Others are online sensation Charles Odongo aka ‘Ugali man’ who earned his nickname name after a hilarious video of him eating ugali went viral. He clinched a Sh5 million deal and a fully equipped gym and a car as part of Odi Mtaani talent development Initiative.

Established in 2018, Odibets has also left a footmark in the world of sports, with various initiatives to support the national football team, plus footballers Patrick Matasi and Erick Otuoma, alongside grassroots football.