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Why pinching pencils from Muthaiga Country Club is bad idea

You cannot have a souvenir pencil from Muthaiga Country Club simply because they have indicated that it is ‘stolen’.

A tweep shared a photo of the conference room pencils that were clearly and prominently engraved, “Stolen from Muthaiga Country Club.”

She lamented how the club was being petty asking if they prefer to sharpen after every conference.

The tweet was shared over 200 times with most users having fun with the pencil inscriptions.

Most hotels have ink pens for use in their conference rooms and the pens and branded notebooks are usually part of the conference package.


@Fantabaridi_ replied, “I don’t think that would stop me from carrying those pencils ?”

@eric_kasaya commented, “It doesn’t say stolen by who…”

@surambaya added, “I would still take them with me. Much more so with that “Stolen” label.”

@mtrickyski wrote, “Can’t go there na nikose kitu ya kushow I was there.”

@bigkoros stated, “Don’t know if it’s just me, but that is even more motivation to steal it deliberately, coz most of the tine you just unknowingly put it in your pocket.”