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Stolen phone ‘questions’ thief, leaves him naked amid witchcraft claims

By PATRICK EBONG September 20th, 2016 1 min read

A Ugandan man who confessed to have nicked “a lost smart phone” in Lira Town is running scared after he reached home and the device started talking and asking him why he had stolen it.

Mr Denis Okello, 37, reportedly shocked crowds on Awange-Mola Road on Monday afternoon, when he confessed he stole the smart phone on Sunday.

The phone, which Mr Okello said he opened and removed its SIM card, belongs to 26-year-old Francis Okucu, a driver from Aduku Sub-county in Apac District.


“When I took the phone to my house at Blue Corner in Ojwina Division [Lira Municipality], the phone started talking; asking me why I had taken it,” he said.

“As it was talking, the phone kept on flashing different colours.”

On Sunday night at around 10pm, Mr Okello claimed he felt very cold and started shivering uncontrollably.

“After the whole room lit up with very bright lights, I felt unconscious. When I regained my senses, I found myself naked and my clothes hanging on the wall and the phone still talking,” he said.

On Monday morning, Mr Okello dashed with the phone to Produce Line as he frantically searched for the owner.

The phone’s owner Okucu, however, denied using witchcraft to protect his Samsung smart phone from thieves.


“I am very surprised if that is what happened because I am a Christian who does not believe in witchcraft,” he said.

Some people reportedly asked Mr Okucu to give them the “power” so they use it to deal with thieves.

Ms Florence Apuli, a produce dealer, said what happened to Mr Okello should be an eye-opener to those who like stealing other people’s property.

SOURCE: Monitor newspaper