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Stop clout chasing with death! Huddah rants while mourning Aziza Frisby

Huddah Monroe, a prominent figure on social media, has raised her voice against the phenomenon of fake friends who exploit others’ deaths for self-promotion on social media platforms.

In a heartfelt tribute to the late Aziza Frisby, an Instagram model, Huddah called for a more genuine approach to honoring the departed.

“It’s the fake love for me when someone dies. I hope I’m in Pluto by the time mine comes. Death is the only thing we all have in common. Some early, some late. But it’s the end for us all eventually,” she conveyed through her Instagram stories.

Huddah emphasised that death is an unavoidable part of life, affecting everyone in the long run.

She urged people to show humility and respect, refraining from mocking the deceased and the elderly, as no one is exempt from the cycle of life.

She urged her followers not to live their lives to impress others, as those who have passed away are quickly forgotten.

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She also implored people to cease exploiting other people’s deaths for clout.

“If you didn’t know someone in person or even met them, just seen them online, please save your RIP for your friends. Stop clout chasing with people’s death.”

Reflecting on the late Aziza Frisby, Huddah described her as a calm individual.

“Still shook, she was such a calm person.”

On Wednesday, celebrities flooded the comment section to send condolence messages to the late Azizah.

Vera expressed her profound grief, describing Aziza as a girl with a promising future, a bright star whose light was extinguished prematurely.

In an emotional post, Vera mourned the loss, saying:

“My little sister is no more. Someone tell me it’s a crazy nightmare. We just spoke the other day. I have been crying my lungs out. I can promise you one thing: that girl’s star is too bright they couldn’t take it anymore. They had to finish her, and we will get to the bottom of this. Jealousy everywhere. I know for sure what that city has turned into. You can’t trust nobody.”

Socialite Risper Faith paid tribute to her, saying, “Rest Easy, baby girl.”

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