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Stop consoling Mama Kayai, she is not Ojwang’s wife, Kenyans told

The late Mzee Ojwang’s family has asked Kenyans to stop condoling with Mama Kayai assuming she was his wife in real life.

The guiltiest of the lot are Kenyans in the diaspora who, whether out of ignorance or genuine lack of knowledge, are said to have inundated Mary Khavere (who acted as Mama Kayai –and Mzee Ojwang’s loyal wife- on Vitimbi) with messages of condolences.

“Ever since news of Mzee Ojwang’s death broke, people from the diaspora have been calling condoling Mama Kayai instead of Augusta Wanjiru Wanjau,” Sally Wanjiru Kimani, Ojwang’s sister, told Nairobi News.

“People should know this (pointing to Augusta) is the real wife and not Mama Kayai.”

The comedian was married to Augusta with whom they have two children –Patricia Njeri and Michael Karira.

The popular thespian, who for more than three decades has been synonymous with the TV comedy series Vitimbi, passed on while receiving treatment for pneumonia at the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi.

Mzee Ojwang, who was 78 at the time of his death, has been ailing since the beginning of this year.