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Stop crucifying all pastors despite Ng’ang’a ‘moment of insanity’ – Ezekiel Mutua

Moral policeman Ezekiel Mutua has defended the men of the cloth after a video emerged of controversial Neno Evangelism Center televangelist, pastor James Ng’ang’a’s in a bizarre meltdown.

Mr Mutua said there were genuine men of God in Kenya despite the few individuals who have made headlines in the recent past for ungodly things.

The  Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO described pastor Ng’ang’a’s outburst as a moment of insanity and that it should not be used to define all church leaders across the country.

His argument, according to him, was based on his own personal story of when he was a young broke man.

“I know many good pastors who help the poor and conduct themselves with humility and dignity. I am a product of such genuine, spiritual, caring shepherds. They got me from the gutter and gave me hope,” says Mr Mutua.

He added: “There are pastors and bishops who supported me when I had no title. They saw a future in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. When I was planning my wedding in 1997, Bishop Alois Rutivi of Gospel Assembly Church mobilised the entire church to support us. The Bishop and the entire church gave themselves to support our wedding.”

He said his pastor did all this without demanding any cent from him and his wife even after his economic situation transformed for the better.

“There are many such wonderful men of God. We must celebrate them and refuse the narrative that Pastor Ng’ang’a’s expletives define our church leaders. That said, the clip is unfortunate. It’s an isolated moment of temporary insanity and should be treated as such,” added Mr Mutua.

The controversial televangelist has found himself in a fix yet again after a 6-minute video clip emerged on social media, capturing the preacher unleashing one insult after another, accusing some bishops of disrespecting his wife.

It is not clear when the video was taken although it was shot after his many run-ins with the law, going by his remarks.