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Stop it! Nyako warns Brian Chira’s bestie against parading his success online

TikTok sensation Nyako Pilot has issued a warning to rising star Tizian Savage, advising him not to flaunt his newfound fame on social media.

During a recent TikTok Live session, Nyako expressed her concern to the former Bodaboda rider, urging him to be careful as not everyone may be enjoying his successes.

Tizian was Brian Chira’s closest friend.

Their paths crossed in Nakuru, where Chira was a student at Kabarak University and Tizian was a Bodaboda rider.

“Tizian, you used to be so modest and reserved. What has happened to you? Why are you so open about your achievements? It’s time to reclaim your privacy on social media. Stop showing off your possessions. You’re still very young and there may be people out there who want to do you harm. Avoid bragging on TikTok as this can attract unwanted attention. It’s important to prioritise your privacy,” Nyako advised.

This comes a few days after he posted photos of himself posing with the high-end vehicle, which is valued at between Sh2.2 million and Sh4.4 million according to

In an interview, the TikToker revealed that his new car actually cost Sh7 million.

“If you import it, it comes to Sh7 million,” the former Bodaboda driver told Obinna.

He further clarified that the luxury car was not his first.

“What people don’t know is that this is not my first car. Do you remember a scenario where Prince Mwiti, Brian Chira and I were involved in an accident? That was my first car. It was an Audi A6. After the accident, Iliandikwa wrote it off. So I got the money back,” he said.

He said a kind-hearted fan from America, touched by the story of the late TikToker Brian Chira and Tizian’s friendship, contacted him with a generous offer to give Tizian money to buy his new car.

“Kulikuja tu mtu out of nowhere akasema, I want to support you. First nikaona ni scammer…Nikasema wacha nimpandishe live…vile nilimpandisha she’s a black American…she was so serious akaniambia send me your paypal I want to do something though yeye alisema I want to fix your car. Nikamwambia gari haiwezifixika. Right now na ile pesa nitapewa ya write off I want to buy a new she was like..I’ll top alitop up,” he explained.

(Someone came out of nowhere and said, “I want to support you.” At first, I thought it was a scam… But then I said, let me go Live [on TikTok] with her. When I went live, she’s a black American… she was so serious, she told me, “Send me your PayPal, I want to do something.” Although she said she wanted to fix my car. I told her the car can’t be fixed. Right now, with the money I’ll receive from the write-off, I want to buy a new one… so she was like… “I’ll top it up”… so she topped up.)

Tizian was quick to point out that he and the generous fan only communicated on TikTok.

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