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Stop misleading on degrees, Kenyans retort at Uhuru – VIDEO

By Amina Wako August 17th, 2019 2 min read

Kenyans online have faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta for asking parents to stop exerting unnecessary pressure on their children over degrees and examinations and instead focus on nurturing talents of the learners under the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

President Kenyatta on Friday lectured Kenyans on degrees and exams, citing examples of rich men who never went to university but made it in life for following their dreams.

“After all wale wanatawale pesa ya hii yetu, uliangalia Yule steve Jobs wa Apples na Bill Gates, hakuna moja wao alienda university lakini wakija hapa unaona ma professors wanakimbia kushika mikono zao na kuomba kusaidiwa,” said the president.

But Kenyans are not buying the narrative and pointed out the lack of similarities.

“Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never grew up in a third world country which we are. We have the talents but we need resources to nature them,” commented @Teddy_izoe

@Jabezmac said: “President is ignorant about education. Bill Gates quit Harvard. He was actually in university but got a great idea and he quit. He qualified to the Highest institution of learning. Our kids need to be told this story differently otherwise they will end up in wamlambez manenos.”

“Steve Jobs and Gates are exceptions to the rule. There are millions of their age mates who also didn’t go to university and accomplished nothing. How do children pursue their passion when your govt is heavily taxing everything?” posted @MuhangaMike.

“But both could not be allowed to teach any undergraduate class in America universities? And along the way they have used the products and services of many PhDs. Don’t ignore the technological underbelly of America that strutted them!,” said @dr_ajwang.

@NicolaSirengo commented, “Waturudishie fee za university we pursue our passion in life”.

@baxter_real commented, “I support the president but take a look how talents are being wasted, if just music MCSK pays an artist peanuts where a we heading, need no favour just create an enabling environment, empower youth ul see nobody knocking public offices for jobs.”

“ @KRACare taxes all sorts of innovations especially ICT unlike in the US,” posted @ogxxv.

“Unfortunately that doesn’t pay in Kenya, see what happens to musicians, football, athletics so tusidanganyane,” said @ade_Kupesting.

@Maxi_Wachira tweeted, “We all cant be Bill gates, the heartbeat of Microsoft or Apple is a whole team of graduates or technically savvy individuals.”

“With all due respect to our Head of state, yes education may not be the only key, but look at the education systems present in those countries and compare with what is being offered. For some of the youth out there an education is the only hope. Nothing comical here,” @JamesMwadeghu commented