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Stop sending me ‘ugly organs’ in my dm, Akothee tells ‘mafisi’

Celebrated singer Akothee has warned men to keep off her direct message (DM) with their dirty messages and nude photos.

The mother of five revealed that some men had been sending her photos privately in the process traumatizing her.

Akothee, on her Instagram page, revealed that some men had been on her case in the recent past and are even sending her photos of their private parts to woo her.


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Her revelations came as Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai also took to her social media platforms and hit out at opportunistic men flocking her inbox.

The businesswoman advised young men to work hard and stop lusting over her in their quest for financial stability.

In the weekend, Akothee also took issue with her own extended family members and explained the reason why she is not in any family Whatsapp groups.

“Now you understand why I am not in any family WhatsApp groups I can’t stand hypocrites. There is no relationship between me and Kanyaserega. My mother will never come to beg you to bury me in Kanyaserega,” she opined.

She went on to brag about constructing a home for herself and another for her parents.

“I built myself a beautiful home in Kamagambo where I belong and I even built my mom a beautiful home that some of you don’t even have as their own, forget about building for your parents, some of you old single and ugly bitches will have to go beg for a burial place once you are done with tanga tangaring, sleeping around with no formula.

“But you open your big mouth criticising innocent go-getters. You call me a prostitute since I have not been able to settle, and even you, you have no idea who fathered some of your kids, they all look not together”.

She hit out at some of her relatives who bashed her family yet still ask for support from her.

“Some of you are well educated with titles, but the bitterness in you makes you appear in funerals and family gatherings looking lost and think people ran away with your success. Most of you are criticising my mother, now that death has visited her three times in a row, remember death is natural and some of you buried husbands, mothers, fathers and in-laws years back when I was very poor.

“The same children insulting us on social media are the same coming to ask for support and brag with my name to their friends, “My aunty is Akothee, do you know me? Now why don’t you build wealth for your children so they stop insulting innocent successful people? You have never seen my children being disrespectful because I built a life for them and taught them well.”

Akothee went on to tell off the unnamed kin, who had seemingly rubbed her the wrong way.

“I don’t point fingers at successful people saying you so and so is a thief, he made his money through robbery. I am airing this here because it’s the only place that rumours spread more than the truth. Secondly, it is my page,” she concluded.