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Stop the blame game, act on corruption; Govern Mutua tells Uhuru

Machakos Govern, Dr Alfred Mutua, has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop making excuses over the war on corruption and instead bring the culprits to book.

Dr Mutua further urged the president not to spare anyone in his fight against corruption.

“Stop saying it’s the court system, it’s the agencies now we can move. We got people walking around with unexplained wealth, we need to know where the money is coming from,” said Mutua.


“Let no one be spared, from Deputy President, cabinet secretary governors, senators, Members of Parliament, all political leaders and the civil servants,” he further said.

Dr Mutua went on to give an example of an incident in Central Kenya where Sh10 million was reportedly donated.

“Sh10 million was donated but they had to put it out in the sun for the money to dry because it was moldy and wet. Which means ilikuwa imewekwa kwa basement mahali imefungiwa kwa sanduku mahali, that is questionable,” he narrated.


In March 2019, while addressing Kenyans in Windhoek, Namibia, the president said that no one would be spared in the fight against corruption.

“If you are corrupt we will fight you. You can be my brother or my sister or my closest political ally, but if you are corrupt we will fight you,” President Kenyatta said at the time.

However, last month, the president appeared to have had a change of heart when he said he would not succumb to pressure to sack officers in his government being investigated for corruption.