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Stop ‘umalaya’ President Museveni advises his soldiers

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has excited a section of his 600,000-plus followers on social media, with a request to his soldiers to ‘stop umalaya’ (prostitution).

The former guerrilla leader made the remark via Twitter after officiating a military function in which there was a combined arms live fire exercise.

But there was good news as well, with President Museveni – who seems keen to extend his 30-year stay in power – promising to ‘look’ into the issue of pay rise for his military and other public servants.

However, it is the ‘umalaya’ comment that elicited the most response.

His remarks are however are not surprising to those who have followed Museveni’s utterances down the years.

The Ugandan president has on a number of occasions complained that the country has lost many members of the disciplined forces to sexually transmitted diseases.