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‘Storm in a teacup’ Boni Khalwale on the spot for sending ‘X’ user Sh200

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale thought he had solved a problem by sending Sh200 for ‘coffee’ to one of his followers on X (formerly Twitter).

But Alas!

Instead, he received backlash from Kenyans on the social media platform who thought he should have sent more considering his social status in society.

It commenced when a user reached out to the vocal lawmaker with a request for ‘coffee’.

The politician responded by sending a social message indicating he had sent Sh200 from his mobile money, leaving a balance of Sh50,000.

This attracted varied reactions.

One user by the name Kombulu suggested the politician should have sent atleast Sh1500.

Kombulu wrote: “I like your style of leadership & you’re role model to me but on this i differ with you. How dare you send a grown kshs 200 for a cup of tea surely?? At least you would have him 2k.

Another one, namely Ongaro Conrad appeared to however side with the politician.

He wrote: “Hata mimi ukiniitisha 200/= hiyo ndio nakupa (I would also send Sh200 if you asked for that) but if you wanted more you say it but my only issue with my good senator here is posting it.”

Another user cautioned the veteran lawmaker to be wary of transacting publicly with strangers on social media.

“Hon Khalalwe, thank you for sending the gentleman the ‘cup of tea’ that he requested for. Though he made his request publicly and you felt compelled to respond publicly, my take is that by publicising all the transaction details and phone numbers therein, you exposed yourself to the modern hacker. Next time, keep it safe,” twitted Paniel Mwaura.

Khalwale, who has been in politics for the better part of the last two decades, consistently interacts with citizens on social media where he boasts over one million followes on X (formerly Twitter).

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