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MY STORY: Sweet boyfriend dumped me for flirting with his mate

By BILLY OWITI February 16th, 2016 2 min read

So it’s Friday evening. I’m about to hit the shower, before dressing and walking out for the night. Unannounced, Timothy my dotting boyfriend pokes his head in my bedsitter, smirks then drops on the bed saying, ‘go on cutie, good news awaits you when you finish taking that bath.’ I blow him a kiss, he receives it.

He has this baby- like face that makes me want to smile. That day, I needed him to make me happy. To feel good and assured. But his face wasn’t right, that look wasn’t there. Something was not right. And I did not know exactly what it was.


Always when he dropped at my place, he brought with him a gift for me, a flower or a bar of chocolate. He would smile at me then kiss me on the cheeks before we did other things that people in love do. That Friday everything was different.

After shower, I asked, “Are you okay, Tim?.”

“I wrote you a letter. Do you want to get dressed first?”

I didn’t wait; I grabbed the paper, still wrapped in my towel.

“What’s this all about Tim? Are you breaking up with me in a letter?!” I asked him after reading the first line that read “…Cate I don’t love you anymore it’s over between us’’.

My Timothy stood and said, “Go ahead. Read it” I read it.


I read the whole one-page letter. He explained everything. A day earlier, he had gone through my phone, after reading several of my text messages, he concluded that I was cheating on him with one of his friends.

I tried to explain to him that I was only having a normal friendly chat with one of his friends but he couldn’t understand. Normally in campus people call each other names such as ‘baby’ ‘bae’. Timothy knew that and now I wondered why he would get angry about his friend calling me that. I loved him so much that I wouldn’t cheat on him.

After listening to my explanation, he didn’t say any word to me. He just stood up and walked to the door, pushing me on his way out.

For a moment I felt like I was alone in the whole world. He was all I loved. Yet there he was, not trusting me.


Timothy and I met during my first year at Mount Kenya University at the school library. He was a second year student studying Bachelor of Commerce. He was a nice guy when we met and has always been nice to me.

It’s been two years since we started dating and we’ve been happy and in an actual committed relationship. But his letter ended it.

Billy Owiti writes for Content Production Media. Content Production Media is a Nairobi based Media Company that creates content for print, online platforms, film and television.

Twitter: @CPMBelieve1