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Commuters support ‘Michuki rules’ even as matatus stay off roads

Despite being stranded for hours on Monday morning, most Nairobi commuters are in favour of the enforcement of the ‘Michuki rules’ that seek to restore order in public transport.

The crackdown on matatus entered day two resulting to hiked fares in all routes in the city.

Matatu operators chose to keep their vehicles off the road out of fear of being impounded in a crackdown by police.

On social media platforms, city commuters said they are willing to pay the price necessary to restore order in the matatu industry.

@AbalaKinyua tweeted; “If they are protesting Michuki rules to continue with this kind of madness and the madness I hear happens with Rongai matatus, then they should continue the protests. Lives of Kenyans are sacred.”

@BwOyaro noted; “Great discipline on our roads following the enactment of the Michuki rules, this way we’ll reduce incidences of road carnage among other undoings. Nonetheless, touts should not hike fare taking advantage of the situation. Slowly, we’ll adapt just the same way we embraced Canaan.”


@GatuneT1 wrote; “It is painful to implement the Michuki rules as passengers are stranded and paying high fares. BUT it is unbearable to live without Michuki rules as we cannot tolerate matatu madness and road carnage.”

@carstensw added; “In support #matatucrackdown because there is a lot of impunity in #Matatusector a lot of unroad worthy vehicles and the #Matatu crew always justifying there “Impunity” #Michuki @Ma3Route let’s keep walking. It is free exercise anyway.”

@Mj_Mugendi stated; “Funny how people down tools when they are required to do what is right. How can we grow as a country without adhering to the rules. The case of Matatus downing tools due to enforcement of Michuki rules.”

@Hassanique tweeted; “Nairobi has never been calm and orderly since Election day until yesterday. Matatu madness always mess up this city. Its Monday but less traffic and no hooting all over. Michuki rules will bring back sanity in matatu industry.”

@DOmariba wrote; “Ujinga wataacha rules must be followed wapende wasipende. Nys buses ziletwe. Michuki rules hadi mwisho.”