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Stranger’s words that made Anerlisa Muigai fall for her boyfriend again

Anerlisa Muigai, socialite, CEO of Nero Company Limited and heiress to Keroche Breweries valued in the billions has been dating her boyfriend, Melvin Ibrahim, for a while now.

While on a recent lunch date with him, a female stranger came up to them and struck up a conversation that left the socialite in the feels for her boyfriend all over again.

“After saying hi to us, she said ‘you guys are lucky, I just broke up with my boyfriend but it’s a matter of time before he will realize what he lost’. What Ibby said is what got me…” Anerlisa said.

Anerlisa went on to reveal that Ibrahim told the stranger that she should never wish for an ex to fail, regret or meet people worse than them after a break up.

“Don’t wish for them to meet bad people to learn a lesson so you can find closure. Sad truth is they can find somebody better than you. The best thing is to focus on healing and wish them happiness and blessings,” Ibrahim is reported to have advised the stranger.

Anerlisa went on to reveal that since she and Ibrahim began dating, he has been enlightening her on general things in life and this was the one instance she felt moved to share his wise words with everyone.

It would appear Anerlisa has finally found her love match following several public break ups with her boyfriends including two fiancés. Her fans, at one point, encouraged and insisted that she learn to keep her love relationships private and not parade them on social media as she was often used to doing.

This time, then, she has been keeping him under wraps and only sharing him with her Insta followers on occasion while they are out on dates. Not much is known about “Ibby” as his socials are set to private.