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Strathmore Uni quoted Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics in an exam and Twitter is thrilled

Kenyans rap lovers on Twitter have gone hysterical after a picture showing a Strathmore University exam quoting American rapper Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics in an end of semester exam went viral.

The full question reads: “In the words of Kendrick Lamar (popular rapper of the good kid, city fame), ‘If you get your first big cheque and you cop before you buy a house. You’re a vanity slave.’ In the song Vanity Slave, Mr Lamar speaks openly about mindless consumerism. Explain three dangers of consumerism. (6 marks)”

The question was asked to Bachelors of Finance, Actuarial Science and Financial Economics students on July 11.

Somebody, presumably a student, took a picture which has been shared innumerable times on social media, sending rap lovers into a frenzy.

Kenyan entertainer Antoneosoul wrote on Twitter:

Others followed suit.

Here is the full question.

Listen to the song here and answer the question in the comment section below.