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Why the stray lions have become a big hit for Kenyan companies

By HILARY KIMUYU February 20th, 2016 1 min read

On Friday morning Nairobians woke up to the news that a pride of lions had wandered out of Nairobi National Park and were roaming free in Lang’ata estate.

So who would have thought that a few creative minds in the corporate world would have taken advantage of the incident to advertise their products online?

Easy Taxi, a mobile E-hailing application and which has become popular in Nairobi, took a picture of a relaxing lioness and captioned it “Nairobi National Park might be expanding! We are giving free rides from Lang’ata that let you #TembeaKenya.”


Avechi, an online electronics shop based in Nairobi, captioned a picture of playful lion cubs: “I know they are hunting us… but first let’s take a selfie,” while RMA Motors wrote, “If you spot a lion, contact KWS, if you spot a Jaguar, it probably got loose from the RMA showroom. Contact us.”


The Kenya Tourism Board was not to be left behind riding on the hashtag #TembeaKenya to encourage Kenyans to tour the country more, they wrote: “When lions tembea Kenya more than humans.”

But the most creative advertisement was by Kenya Commercial Bank Group which simply had a picture of a lion walking freely on a tarmacked road with the caption: “When your customers don’t come to you, you simply go to them.”