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This street boy’s peace message ahead of polls is going viral – VIDEO

A video of a street boy urging Kenyans to be peaceful during and after the Tuesday general elections has been shared widely on social media.

The video in which the street boy expresses himself in fluent English bears a message of peace.

The one-minute clip bears a message from Benson Njoroge a street boy to Kenyans that life will still go on after the elections.

He calls upon Kenyans to be real men and be their brothers’ keepers not to fight because of political differences.

“Brothers and sisters from my other mothers, within the seven corners of our beloved nation, our nation is headed to the most significant times in our history, as we head to the general elections countable hours away.

“Life will still go on after nane-nane history is rewriting and the world is watching, lets stand up and be counted let us show the world that we are real men, real men do not kill because of politics or tribal basis, real men fear God and preach peace, real men are their brothers keepers and their sisters defenders.
Do you love your mothers, I do, let there be peace for our mother Kenya, the land of all birds, our motherland, ill forever love you Kenya I will forever and ever in my heart. If there is no peace is because you have forgotten that you belong to each other and if the power of love overpowers that love of power, Kenyans will know peace,” says Njoroge in the video.

His message comes at a time when Kenyans supporting both the opposition and the ruling party are being urged to remain peaceful and accept the results of the upcoming election.

Kenyans online have been preaching peace urging all candidates who will lose in the election to concede.