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Street families invade Nairobi’s CBD after Easter

The streets of Nairobi have been invaded by streets families which the authorities had driven out during the Easter holiday.

Following a public outcry over security threat from the street families, the city officials carried out a crackdown over the weekend that netted many of these families.

But the end of the Easter festivities has seen a return of the families to their usual hangouts on the streets of Nairobi.


In recent months, the population of street families, who are a public nuisance, has been on the rise on the streets of Nairobi.

However, speaking to Nairobi News, Nairobi County Secretary Robert Ayisi said that they have collaborated with the national government and inspectorate team to remove these families from the streets.

“We will be conducting daily crackdowns with the help of the social services department in an effort to remove them from the streets,”said Dr Ayisi.

Dr Ayisi said that last week they arrested 130 street children who were taken to Joseph Kangethe Rehabilitation Center.