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Street mother cries out for her stolen two-year-old daughter – VIDEO

25A street woman is crying out to the public to help her find her two-year-old daughter who was stolen by unknown woman on the streets of Nairobi on Saturday.

Gladys Wanja says that her daughter, Gift Wanjiku, was lured by the stranger as she was playing with her toys along Latema Road.

Wanja claims it was not the first time that she had seen the suspected thief near her daughter.


According to the street mother, the suspect has been buying her daughter milk for the past week and once asked her to sell her the little child.

She described the suspect as a fat and brown woman.

“Juzi kuna mama alikuja akaniambia nimuuzie mtoto, nikakataa. Sasa leo mahali mimi huweka huyu mtoto amekuja akamchukua,” said the tearful mother.

She also said the stranger had requested them to visit her at her place in Uthiru.


Ms Wanja says that when she went to report the matter at Central Police Station on Saturday, they brushed her off and told her that the toddler did not own a mobile phone so there is no way they can trace her whereabouts.

To make matters worse, the street mother claims that she delivered the missing child through a Cesarean section operation and that doctors advised her against giving birth to another child.

The distraught mother is now appealing to the woman who took her child to have mercy on her and return the child.