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Stressed up granny climbs up a tree in frustration

There was drama along Kimathi Street outside Nation Center on Wednesday evening when an elderly woman climbed up a tree and started shouting unprintable words.

The woman who seemed mentally unstable, claimed she was stressed “with life and men”

She refused to come down despite constant pleas from the gathered crowd which included some people who knew her – possibly her relatives.

“I can only listen to (Nairobi Governor Evans) Kidero He is the only person I see solving problems in this world. If I tell you that at times I do not eat all day, have no place to live and nobody cares about me – not even my useless husband – you will not believe me,” the woman said.


At some point the incident turned hilarious when a young boy barely in his teens climbed up the tree and starting caning the woman who was a branch higher, claiming she was embarrassing him.

A sweets vendor nearby, claimed this was the second time the woman was repeating her antics.

“She will scream then come down and go her way… don’t worry about her,” the vendor said.

The elderly lady who had some clothings in a polythene paper, stayed up the tree  for about two hours.