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Student hammers nail in Principal’s head

Police have launched a manhunt for a Form Three student who attacked the school principal and hammered him in the head with a four-inch nail.

The student from Ainamoi Secondary School in Ainamoi, Kericho is said to have attacked Godfrey Rono in unclear circumstances.

According to witnesses and police, the school principal had asked the student to clear a fee balance amounting to Sh7,000 when the 18-year-old student swung a wooden plank at the principal on Wednesday, driving the nail into the teacher’s head.

In a police report released by the Kericho County Police Commander Silas Gichunge, the principal had ordered the student’s locker to be taken away on Tuesday until the debt was paid up.

A day later, the student returned and ambushed the principal as he was leaving the school, bludgeoning him with the wooden plank.

Students who witnessed the heinous assault raised alarm, drawing the attention of bystanders who rushed the teacher to the hospital.

Gichunge said that the school head was treated and discharged after the incident and that the boy who is still at large has a chequered history of threatening teachers, “his behavior had been reported more than once”, he added.