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Student kills dad after ‘romantic’ spat

A man who accidentally walked in on his high school son reportedly engaging in sexual acts with a lady paid with his life thanks to a brawl that manifested thereafter.

Police have since arrested the form four student who stands accused of killing his father with a machete.

Brian Wekesa, 21, is said to have attacked his father, fatally slashing him in the arms with the weapon in Khayinga Village in Kanduyi Constituency.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the father, a Juakali worker, had gone to his son’s house to inquire on his habitual absenteeism from school, only to find enjoying a romantic moment with the lady.

“Enraged at the father’s intrusion, the suspect landed on his father with blows and kicks, before inflicting deep cuts on his head and arms with a machete,” DCI said.

Neighbours responded to distress calls by the suspect’s father.

They, however, arrived when the victim had already died from severe bleeding, police said.

The Kisuluni Secondary School student managed to escape but has since been arrested by authorities, who tracked him down to a friend’s house.

“He is being processed for arraignment,” the DCI said Monday.