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TEEN CRISIS: Students busted in Kisumu sex nest

Eight secondary school students were on Thursday night arrested in a house in Kisumu that they had turned into a sex hideout.

The five girls and three boys from various secondary schools are said to have been holed up in the house in Lolwe estate for over a week now.

The girls are from Rangala Girls Secondary School, while the boys are from Ngere High School, Kisumu Boys High School and Nyamasaria Secondary School.

They are said to lock themselves up in the house during the day and go out clubbing at night.  The students are supposed to have reopened for third term after teachers called off their nationwide strike.

Cases of students absconding school to indulge in sex and alcohol have recently risen to alarming levels.
On Monday, a group of 550 students were arrested in Eldoret during an alcohol fueled sex orgy.

Months earlier, 40 students were arrested in a Nairobi bound bus having a sex and drugs party while heading home from school.

Friday’s swoop in Kisumu was carried out by police from Kondele station following a tip off from members of public. The students’ accomplices are believed to be still at large.

The owner of the hideout is yet to be identified.

Distraught parents whose children had been missing from schools milled the station with a hope of finding them there.

A father, who did not want to be named, said a friend had spotted his daughter in town at night accompanied by a group of youths.

“I was worried and started investigating privately and learnt that some underage girls were being kept at a house in Lolwe estate,” he said.

Another parent narrated how she had gone to Rangala Girls Secondary School to visit her daughter only for the principal shock her that the girl had not reported to school.

“The principal said 30 of her students had not reported to school yet. We don’t know where these girls are hiding,” she said.