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Study: Kenya’s most faithful men found in Garissa, Turkana, Kakamega

By Mercy Simiyu January 17th, 2023 1 min read

Residents of Narok, Mombasa, West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet, and Embu counties lead the chart on the list of persons with multiple sex partners, government records reveal.

A survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) 15% of men aged 15-49 have had sex with more than one sexual partner in the past year.

A further 35% in this group admit to having sex with a person who was not their wife or partner in the past year.

“45% say they used a condom during their last intercourse,” the report adds.

Even though KNBS did not break down the numbers, the high sex rate in Mombasa has in the past been attributed to sex tourism with thousands of tourists visiting the coastal town for holiday.

The high sex rates in Narok, West Pokot, Marakwet counties have meanwhile been linked to the high levels of adult illiteracy.

The sexual activity in Migori county is, meanwhile, attributed to the venue being a transit town with high number of trucks heading to Tanzania and Uganda.

The study also shows Garissa(2%), Turkana(5%), Kericho (2%). Kirinyaga(1.6 %), and Kakamega(5.6 % ) are among the counties listed in having the lowest percentage in men having multiple patners.

High sex rate has been fingered as a source of HIV/AIDS and STIs.

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