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Submit to men if you want Range Rovers, mansions, Risper Faith advises women

By Winnie Mabel February 24th, 2023 2 min read

Outspoken Kenyan socialite and influencer Risper Faith has advised all women to listen to and submit to their men if they want the fine things in life such as Range Rovers and mansions, just like her hubby, Brian Muiruri, did for her.

Speaking during a live session on social media, the voluptuous influencer said there will never come a day when she will ever raise her voice at him or disrespect him.

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“Brian ndio kiboko yangu. I never talk back to him, I never disrespect him. I respect him even when he is on the wrong. When he calms down is when I go to him and tell him ‘baby, this and that happened like this and that.’ But I never raise my voice on my husband. Never,” she said.

“Do you want him to buy you a Range Rover? Do you want him to build you a big house like this one of mine? My friend, you have to be submissive and very humble. Give him his respect 100 per cent. He is the man of the house. He is the head and you are the neck. Even the Bible says the husband is the head and you are the neck so every day, be the neck,” she explained further.

She also advised women to always respect their spouses, irrespective of what they are going through in life.

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“Even if one day you become richer than him, don’t come and show him that you are now the ‘man’ of the house. No, just be a woman. Do you all understand me? Cook for him. No matter how tired I am, my aunty does not cook for my husband. I must cook for my husband and serve him. Me, Risper – a celebrity with my big derriere and all my social media followers – I am submissive to my husband,” she said.

She also said that she on occasion oils her husband as a submissive wife and this was one of the reasons why she always receives good things from him.

The socialite has a son with her hubby who is a wealthy Kenyan-American. She is on record for saying that when she met Brian, she left the streets behind to become a dutiful wife and later mother to their son.

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