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Sudanese President Al-Bashir reshuffles cabinet

The Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir has approved the formation of a new cabinet and sacked the Minister of Defence Abdul Rahim Mohammed Hussein.

On Saturday night, President Bashir issued a presidential decree containing the reshuffled list.

The approval comes after three days of talks within the leadership of the National Congress Party.

The party has been holding meetings since Thursday to endorse the reshuffle.

Hussein, who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes in Darfur, has been in charge of the Defence Ministry for ten years ago.

His position has been taken by Sudanese army commander Mustafa Osman Al-Obaid.


The nomination list suggested by the president has been amended by the leadership bureau amid reports of disagreements within the NCP leaders.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Karti was among those who lost their positions.

Former first vice president Bakri Hassan Salih has been reappointed in his post beside the vice President Hassabo Abdul Rahman.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Gandour, who was a senior presidential aide, has been appointed the new Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The ministers who unaffected by the reshuffle are Ismat Abdul Rahman (Minister of Interior), Alsdaig Alkarori (Mineral Resources ), Muataz Musa (Irrigation and Water Resources ), Sumia Abu Kashwa (Higher Education), Tahani Abdullah (Technology and Telecommunication) and  Massair Adolibe (Social Welfare).

Last Tuesday, President Al-Bashir dissolved his Cabinet as a prelude to the formation of a new government.