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Sue Gacambi to Mary Lincoln: Never apologize for leaked naughty photos

By Winnie Mabel January 30th, 2023 2 min read

Controversial Kenyan music promoter Sue Gacambi who resides in the United States of America, was of the opinion that Kikuyu gospel musician Mary Lincoln, a second wife, and mother of three, should never have gone for prayers because her naughty photos were leaked online in November 2022.

“Mary Lincoln, come here, our girl, and let me tell you something. You must never go to a church again for prayers just because your nude photos leaked to the public. Don’t. You have such a beautiful body. Your assets looked really good.

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Next time, when you take naughty photos, have a bikini on. You will look like you are out swimming. Don’t take photos that expose your full private parts. What I am telling you, though, is that you should never go to a pastor again to pray for you because your showed someone your nude photos and videos.

I listened over 10 times to that preacher pray for you and kept mentioning how you had shown your nudity online and seen by everyone, may God hide you like he did with Adam and Eve… Most of us didn’t even know you or know that they were your nude photos.

We knew because of that pastor. He kept repeating about your nudity. My dear, it’s only in Kenya where when someone sees someone else’s nude photos people go crazy. Everyone has the same body. You should have only gone and apologized to your husband and talked to the person who leaked your photos online,” said Sue Gacambi.

Gacambi added that she would never apologize because her nudity became public knowledge because she has ever done the same, sent it to the wrong number and shrugged off the entire debacle.

She also castigated people who loved being prayed for whenever they were caught in scandalous situations.

“I saw people comment that it was good that you’ve returned to God while others went round looking for those same photos. You look nice my dear, you have a good shape and it is not surgically enhanced,” Gacambi praised Lincoln.

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Following the leak of these naughty photos, reports emerged that the scandal had put a strain on Mary Lincoln’s marriage as her husband threatened to repossess all the luxury items he had given her.

In the days after the leakage, Lincoln went to Christian Foundation Fellowship in Kiambu where she was prayed for as she sought forgiveness.

“Yes, we went to the Christian Foundation Fellowship (CFF) Church for repentance and forgiveness prayer. Our God is merciful and offers those who repent a second chance to resume service to him,” said Mary Lincoln on social media after the prayers.

She later released a gospel song talking about the scandal, Rúhiú rútuhu, meaning blunt machete where she lamented that she has fought many wars since becoming a gospel artiste.

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