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Sued teen socialite Shakilla apologises to Wanyama online – VIDEO

Teenage socialite Shakilla has finally issued an apology to popular international footballer Victor Wanyama over allegations she had made about him.

A video shared by Shakilla on her Instagram page captures the 19-year-old denying all the claims she made against Wanyama, saying that she was not in her senses when she did.

She admitted that she had never met Wanyama and the scandal she linked him to never happened.

“My name is Shakilla and I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Victor Wanyama and say sorry for all the horrible things that I said about him. I have never met Victor neither has he paid nor had sex with me. I was drunk at the time and foolishly excited to be on Xtian Dela’s show. I apologise to his family,” said Shakilla in the video.

Victor Wanyama. PHOTO | COURTESY

The pressure to becoming a famous person, she says, seemed to have played a role in her mentioning Wanyama’s name as among celebrities she mingled with.

She warned young people not to fall victim of clout-chasing like she did as it may end badly for them as well.

“I would like to take this opportunity to warn young people on the dangers of social media and the risk of being enticed into chasing fame by those seeking to exploit us and profit from our mistakes,” adviced Shakilla.

She turned into an overnight sensation with scandalous claims over her sexual escapades with several Kenyan celebrities during an Instagram live interview with controversial blogger Xtian Dela, real name Aurther Mandela.

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Wanyama has sued Shakilla and Xtian Dela for what he claimed as false allegations and tarnishing his reputation.


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